Belarus-Spanish, Conceptual Artist.
Movement & styles: Ready-made,
Conceptual Art, Pop Art.

I came to express my emotions, to share a vision, to give a meaning to my dreams. The brush helps me control my rich world of imagination. Multiple facets of my personality allow me to explore a virtual world made of utopias perfections mine dreams. 

Since I was a little kid, my drawings were like a therapy to calm me down, to express my feelings, my doubts, my anxieties my joys my scars. Later I tried to realize myself through a classical job. Time was running, but I couldn’t find my way. I was achieving my professional goals, but happiness was far from my soul. 

The new wind blew my mind off, from a hobby, I get convinced that I could be happy only by dedicating all time to my art. I realized that I could not live without painting without creating without letting my imagination and my mind wander…

I quit with my past life and strive to sparkle the new one with all my passion for art. I found my way, my painting is growing as long as I am accumulating experience of life, my relations with the others, my view about this world - DelBorn.