Crypto col. #EGthG


In recent months, investment news has been dominated by crypto art. However, you're not alone if you have no idea what cryptography is. 

This is a topic that appeared out of nowhere and then became all over the place.


Crypto art is a type of digital art. It's handled like a physical art collection, with owners able to prove they own a piece of crypto art. Paintings and sculptures have long been collected according to established processes in the art world. 

However, despite the fact that it had been created, there was no apparent means for individuals to gather digital artwork until now. You can accomplish just that with crypto art and NFTs.

The concept of crypto art is based on the concept of digital scarcity. With this approach, you buy, sell, trade, and collect digital art as if it were tangible items. Crypto Art, like traditional art, is produced in limited quantities, and customers can purchase the rights to partial royalties and reproduction of the artwork in some situations. 

Crypto art is typically digital, but it can also be tangible art that is monitored through a blockchain or “crypto” system.


DelBorn became fascinated with CRYPTO art as a result of the trends and developed the #EGthG series, which can be viewed on the OpenSea platform as well as in physical form as acrylic paintings.