International Art Competition “Abgar City of Barcelona”

Delborn was awarded at the International Art Competition “Abgar City of Barcelona” among 1000 participant for its exceptional representation of the red light symbol interpretation. Derivated from the famous appelstraum Delborn gives a very personal view of this symbol all in motion and sparkling colours. A very pop conceptual vision of our society in motion.


Jury members was composed of  reknowned professional representative of the art world as:

1. Emmanuel Guigon - Director of Museu Picasso Barcelona.

2. Juan Manuel Bonet - former director of IVAM, MNCARS and the Cervantes Institute. Curator of exhibitions.

3. Miguel Marcos - creator of the ARCO fair in Madrid.

4. Angela Molina - art critic El Pais.

5. Eugene Balcells (professor at the university).